International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2016)

Changing paradigms of green marketing and innovation

Author(s): Harendra Pal Singh Chauhan, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi
Abstract: Today due to complex and volatile businessrnenvironment it became imperative for the business organisations to adopt Greenrninnovation and Green business as a key strategy in order to sustain in thisrncompetitive world. The consumers want something new which not only fulfil thernneeds and wants of the people but it also helps in promoting and protecting thernenvironment. Green marketing is embraced with ethical marketing practices withrnenvironmental considerations at its core. The multinational companies and domesticrncompanies are now focussing on adding value to consumers by associating theirrnmarket offering with environmental issues found to be valued by target marketrnpopularly called as Green marketing. This study is aimed at explore the variousrngreen innovations adopted by the marketers and also green business strategyrnadopted by the marketers to capture the major portion of market segment. Thernstudy is based on secondary data collected from various reports, websites,rnjournals, published and unpublished data.  As society is advancing towards civilization,rnconcerns towards environment protection are gaining importance. These concernsrnare visible in consumption behaviour as well. rnHence Green marketing provides opportunity to the companies to increaserntheir market-share by introducing eco-friendly products and involvingrnenvironmental concerns in their value proposition.No doubt, remarkable competition is going onrnamong the consumer, industrial and service products.
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