International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2016)

Link between women participation in employment and fertility

Author(s): Swati Kedia
Abstract: India has experienced rapid economic growth, a decline in fertility rate, introduction of employment generation programs and policy shifts towards women empowerment in recent years. Women in developing countries are starting to join the workforce in greater numbers, and it has been argued that such exposure can lead to improved outcomes for them. The rapid social and economic development is nowhere more apparent than it is in economic activities of women. Steady urbanization is taking place and among the growing number of women in urban areas, increasing proportions are entering in workforce since the beginning of the planning era. This change has been due to many factors like changing economic structure and, therefore, changing employment opportunities, changing pattern of marriage, fertility and family relationships, and changing attitudes towards many aspects of women's employment. It is in this context that this paper attempts to illustrate women participation in employment and its relation with fertility.
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