International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

Vol. 3, Issue 10 (2017)

A brand experience study on the apparel buying behaviour of women consumers in Mumbai

Author(s): Vidya B Panicker, Dr. Khalil Ahmad Mohammad
Abstract: The Indian Apparel industry constitutes 60 – 65% of the larger Indian Textile and Clothing Industry. It is a high revenue earning industry for India and one of the highest sources of inward foreign exchange flow. Apparels play a very important role in the lives of individuals. It is a means of enhancing one’s personality and it boosts an individual’s confidence levels. Women are extremely particular about their attire and with an increasing number of women entering the workforce in India, the apparel industry is on the path of unprecedented growth. Globalisation, media proliferation, retail market transformation, advancement of information technology and urbanisation have been the basic drivers for the growth of the apparel business. Globalisation has facilitated the entry of several international brands into India, urbanisation has led to the proliferation of fashion trends into areas away from the cities, media proliferation has helped spread information regarding latest fashion styles and trends and the surge in the number of malls in the country has helped increase the shopping propensity and the information technology advancement has increased the visibility and awareness of various brands among the general populace. Quality, comfort, fit, styles and brand name are the various aspects individuals look for in brands. There is great awareness among Indian women regarding various apparel brands, driven by the constant urge among them to look and feel good. This study aims to throw some light on the Indian apparel industry and understand the concepts of brand experience and brand loyalty. We shall also try to find out if there exists any correlation between women consumer’s annual income and their annual expenditure on formal wear.
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