International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2017)

Foreign direct investment and employment opportunities in India

Author(s): Dr. Rajaram Nathaji Wakchaure
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to discuss the direct & indirect impact of FDI on the Indian trade in general & on Employment Opportunities in particular. At the outset of the concept of FDI & Employment Opportunities, it has taken a brief review of the present environment & circumstances in the Indian retail sector. On the basis of analytical survey & taking into consideration the existing structure of the Indian retail sector, an attempt has been made to anticipate what kind of employment opportunities will a merge & how far it will adversely effect on the existing employment. It is concluded with a view that, FDI in retail sector would certainly enable to optimize youth employment in India. However, the policy certainly needs a relock & should evaluate measures for further.
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