International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

Vol. 6, Issue 5 (2020)

The status and role of SBI in financing young entrepreneurs for success of make in India

Author(s): Shifa Abbasi
Abstract: Make in India is a goal, vision, and mission of honorable Narendra Modi prime minister of India to make India stand distinct with its identity as a collaborative and cooperative partner for mutual benefits for the investor and host country –India. The research problem of the study is to assess the contribution of the state bank of India to the practical philosophy of “serv kulumbh kin” the whole world is one & family. They are lined and bonded with interdependence. Indian demographic profile reflects more than half of the population is within the range of 15-30 years. Every one of them has one mouth to eat two hands to work and produce and services and amenities. The youth is to give opportunities to use their talent, capabilities, skill, and knowledge. The research study in its investigation found that SBI’s status and role as a financer to youth project “startup’ ‘the analysis is based on SBI report related to financing SME and micro industries. The result is encouraging that there is a direct relationship of financing of SBI to sick industries by using their potential and making them viable and contributors to the economic program of the country. This can be practicable and can be applied in other developing economies in procuring growth, development, and prosperity of the country in record time. The universality of the idea still needs an acid test in exposing the truth that mark’s knowledge, skill, and value have their roots in Indian culture.
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