International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

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Workplace Diversity: Issues and Challenges
Pages: 01-03  
Ethics and Accounting Practice in Nigeria
Pages: 04-09  
The Impact of Corruption on Nigerian Democracy
Pages: 10-16  
Overview of functioning of microfinance in India
Pages: 17-23  
M-Commerce-Growing Concept
Pages: 24-29  
Pages: 30-33  
Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives by rural consumers towards FMCGs- an empirical analysis
Pages: 34-44  
Academia-Industry interaction: Benefits and challenges
Pages: 45-47  
A study on the future of retail sector in India
Pages: 48-50  
Environmental strategy and management in the speed of change: Sharing the relevance of recycling approach for African societies
Pages: 51-55  
Managing events as potentials of profit-making and empowerment in the fast moving world: suggested strategic approach for African scenario
Pages: 56-60  
A study on viewers satisfaction towards Tamil news channels at Chennai
Pages: 61-63  
vk/kqfud ;qx esa L=h f'k{kk dk çca/ku ,oa egRo
Pages: 64-65  
Role of Human resources for natural disaster preparedness: Is your workplace prepared?
Pages: 66-68  
Rural entrepreneurship and development of rural areas
Pages: 69-71  
A study of brand loyalty and its effect on buying behaviour in ease of selected cosmetics products in the state of Karnataka
Pages: 72-74  
Demonetization: Need and its impact
Pages: 75-76  
Digital India: A roadmap for the development of rural India
Pages: 77-80  
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