International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

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Employee satisfaction level towards organization regarding infrastructure, working condition, compensation and other facilities
Pages: 01-04  
Impact of digital India
Pages: 05-06  
A study on corporate social responsibility and financial performance in the Indian context
Pages: 07-12  
Effectiveness of performance appraisal system of bharat sanchar nigam limited
Pages: 13-19  
Customer relationship management (Telecommunication Industry) Comparison between (Airtel) and (Zain)
Pages: 20-24  
Inferential analysis for judging the efficiency and solvency in public and private sectors banks
Pages: 25-29  
Applications and market of PVC pipe industry in India
Pages: 30-34  
SWAD brand - “Think local act global”: A case of Vimal agro products Pvt. Ltd., Bardoli
Pages: 35-38  
A study on the gap analysis of customers and managers on internet banking services
Pages: 39-42  
An empirical study on work environment of employee
Pages: 43-47  
A comparative study on attitude analysis of faculty on quality management practices in select engineering institutions
Pages: 48-53  
Factors affecting ERP (Enterprise resource planning) package application for Indian power Discoms & post implementation performance analysis
Pages: 54-62  
The influence of core banking system in Punjab national bank: A study of customers feed back in Mysuru City
Pages: 63-67  
Demonetization and after shocks in Indian economy: A Survey
Pages: 68-71  
Demonetization effect on Indian economy
Pages: 72-76  
Service climate and Job involvement as predictor of Employee Service Behavior-an empirical study in banking sector
Pages: 77-84  
A study on customer preference and satisfaction towards selected retail stores in Coimbatore city
Pages: 85-87  
Public private partnerships in agriculture: Prospects and challenges for Haryana
Pages: 88-92  
The role of entrepreneurial leadership in growth oriented firms
Pages: 93-95  
Portfolio revision by using data envelopment analysis model
Pages: 96-100  
Impact of information technology in phone banking sector
Pages: 101-105  
A study on quality of work life of employees of power sector with special reference to human relations
Pages: 106-111  
Service provided by public and private banks to the customer
Pages: 112-115  
E-learning in distance education: A contemporary pedagogical technique for learning
Pages: 116-118  
A study on customer satisfaction with respect to telecom companies actively engaged in CSR activities in India
Pages: 119-128  
Strategic policy for the strengthening Shaping and Empowering the diverse workforce
Pages: 129-131  
A study of the finance pattern in terms of agriculture and non-agriculture credit of district central Co-operative banks in Vidharbha region
Pages: 132-136  
Fly ash utilization strategies for greener environment
Pages: 137-140  
A study on FDI inflow in India
Pages: 141-143  
Impact of performance management on employee success
Pages: 144-146  
Value stream mapping in lean management concept
Pages: 147-152  
A comparitive analysis of consumer brand preference towards accessories
Pages: 153-155  
A comparative study: Analysis of financial performance of joint ventures in insurance sector
Pages: 156-160  
Market arrivals and price volatility of select agricultural commodities in India: A statistical analysis
Pages: 161-168  
Digital payments system and rural India: A review of transaction to cashless economy
Pages: 169-173  
Gender discriminations in workplace and the legal protection: The case of corporate sector employment in India
Pages: 174-177  
Financial scandals: An ongoing reality
Pages: 178-182  
Underpricing of initial public offers in India
Pages: 183-187  
Assessing Normality of the Data: A Case Study of FMCG Sector in India
Pages: 188-190  
A study on multi-faceted growth of Karnataka tourism
Pages: 191-193  
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