International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

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Role of Kisancredit card scheme in providing agricultural finance in India: An evaluation
Pages: 01-03  
A critical evaluation and determination of industry suitability in a competitive business environment
Pages: 04-08  
Sustainable tourism development in correlations with environmental management: Case study: Model of management in Serbia
Pages: 09-13  
Effects of Innovation for the intrapreneurial wellbeing
Pages: 14-16  
Role of social media in marketing with reference to tourism sector
Pages: 17-20  
Theoretical and practical strategy development for improvement of performance of an organisation
Pages: 21-27  
A study on the growing trends of online hotel booking
Pages: 28-30  
Visitor impact management of Parambikulam Tiger reserve in Western Ghats
Pages: 31-36  
A comparative study on the performance of TATA and SBI DEBT mutual funds: An IPSO facto analysis
Pages: 37-42  
Company situation analysis and attainment of competitiveness in a dejected economy
Pages: 43-48  
Impact of the decoupling point (DP) on the performance of aeronautic companies: Case of the Moroccan aeronautic industry
Pages: 49-56  
Soft and hard skills of crafting a strategy for a sustainable competitive advantage in a troubled economy
Pages: 57-60  
Teertha Yatra: A sacred journey for senior citizens sponsored by ‘Madhya Pradesh Mukhyamantri Teertha Darshan Yojna’ with special reference to Sidhi District
Pages: 61-64  
Corruption and inequality: A survey of the literature
Pages: 65-70  
Impact of internet marketing on business: A study on businessmen of Udaipur city
Pages: 71-76  
Internet marketing: A marketing innovation in E-Commerce
Pages: 77-82  
Influence of internet shopping experience and the perceived risk for the Consumers- A conceptual Study
Pages: 83-87  
The effect of work placement, leadership style, and work rotation toward the performance of employees
Pages: 88-92  
A study of Indian stock market volatility and economic indicators using ARCH model
Pages: 93-98  
Regret aversion bias and financial risk tolerance
Pages: 99-104  
Relationship between the bias towards the present and the intertemporal choice
Pages: 105-110  
Aligning strategy to the Organisation’s environment: A business survival in an economic melancholy
Pages: 111-115  
A complete analysis on the financial performance (Loan and Advance) of Janata Bank Ltd. of Bangladesh
Pages: 116-120  
Perception of commerce teachers at undergraduate levels on the use of inductive teaching methodology in Bangalore, Karnataka
Pages: 121-125  
Development of information technology in higher education system
Pages: 126-128  
To Study the Impact of Macroeconomics Determinants on NSE Index
Pages: 129-135  
Earnings per share in FMCG sector of India
Pages: 136-140  
An analytical study on return and volatility of Indian stock market
Pages: 141-145  
A study on factors affecting investor’s preference for investment avenues in Surat city
Pages: 146-152  
Effective vendor management
Pages: 153-159  
A consumer attitude towards Havmor Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd. in Surat
Pages: 160-163  
‘The study on tourist attitude towards international adventures at Surat’ undertaken at: Thrill Blazers
Pages: 164-168  
Study on consumer perception on online shopping in Surat city
Pages: 169-172  
A study on category management at Dhiraj sons
Pages: 173-176  
Consumer Satisfaction regarding use of Electronic Banking Services of Varachha Co-Operative Bank Kamrej Taluka
Pages: 177-181  
A study on Improving the Contribution of Stakeholders towards Innovation in the Educational Institutions
Pages: 182-184  
Impact of population growth: A progress or regress
Pages: 185-190  
Corporate social responsibility in Indian organization: A conceptual framework
Pages: 191-193  
Comparative study between BSE and NSE during last five year
Pages: 194-199  
A study on gender wise response to online advertisements and its Impact
Pages: 200-205  
A study of customer satisfaction in retail banking
Pages: 206-213  
A study of impact of financial and banking reforms on the customers of these sectors
Pages: 214-218  
A study on predictors of employee performance: HR Analytics perspective
Pages: 219-226  
Problems faced by the handloom weavers
Pages: 227-229  
FDI and its impact on Indian retail market
Pages: 230-232  
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