International Journal of Commerce and Management Research

ISSN: 2455-1627

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Electronic shopping V/S traditional shopping: A study on perceptions of consumers in Gujarat
Pages: 01-06  
A study on utilisation of post office saving schemes (With Special Reference to Coimbatore City)
Pages: 07-10  
A study on consumer perception of LIC policy (With Special Reference to Coimbatore City)
Pages: 11-15  
A study on purchase pattern of women consumers towards mobile phones with special reference to Coimbatore city
Pages: 16-20  
A study on consumer perception and satisfaction on green product (with special reference Coimbatore city)
Pages: 21-25  
Communication skills: Predominant life skill in every facet of life
Pages: 26-30  
A comparative study on customer satisfaction towards Airtel and JIO with special reference to Coimbatore (West)
Pages: 31-34  
Two years of GST: Road ahead for one nation, one tax
Pages: 35-38  
Effect of interactions between values and practice of ethics: lessons learnt from Sri Lankan entrepreneurs
Pages: 39-44  
Credit Risk Management in Indian Banking Industry- Evaluation of Crisis in Co-operative Banking Sector
Pages: 45-47  
Health and welfare facilities in Organisations: A theoretical study
Pages: 48-54  
Progress of SHG-bank linkage programme in India: An analysis
Pages: 55-57  
Stock market forecasting in India: A statistical approach
Pages: 58-63  
A critical analysis of online transactions among college students
Pages: 64-65  
Supply chain management of Potato in India
Pages: 66-68  
Impact of FDI on telecommunication sector of India
Pages: 69-72  
Talent management of employees in pharmaceutical industry
Pages: 73-78  
Conceptual framework of natural accounting
Pages: 79-80  
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